My quest for the best concealer on earth: Revolution Beauty’s Conceal and Define Concealer

There’s been a ton of reviews on this Makeup Revolution concealer and I think I pretty much watched and read all of them. Many have compared it to cult product Tarte Shape Tape, but I wouldn’t know because it’s such a hassle to get it over here (Belgium). The price point is insanely low (4,99 EUR) and the shade range is wider than that of Tarte. It is only 3.4ml, though, so you will run out pretty quickly.

I wasn’t too sure what to get, so I bought three shades : C2, C4, C5.


A lot of people compare it to the Shape Tape because of its high pigmentation, but also because of its doe-foot applicator. Admittedly, the applicator is awesome, but it’s probably the only thing I like about the concealer. You see, pigments are very drying and even the smallest amount will dry the shit out of my under-eye. I’m 36 years old, and I can’t afford to spread the product all over my face, as I would Nutella on a slice of bread (OK, I don’t need bread to stuff my face with Nutella). Most people whose reviews I watched are (much) younger than me (or had fillers) and I totally understand why they love it: they don’t have to deal with wrinkled, creasing, sensitive, dry under-eye areas. If this had been released 15 years ago, I would have probably bathed in it.

I’ve tried applying it with my fingers, brushes, makeup sponges; with and without foundation; with and without oil underneath; nothing really made a difference.

So, I’ve gone back to more hydrating concealers, such as Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer, Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer, and an unlikely favourite of mine at the moment : Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Concealer Crayon.


Soap and Glory’s concealer has a much oilier consistency and that’s what my old under-eye needs. Of course, it’s nowhere near as full coverage as Makeup Revolution’s or Tarte’s concealers, but sometimes you gotta make choices in life, and my choice is hydration.


Gotta go, there’s a new episode of Botched on.




  1. I just purchased this concealer on Sunday! I’m hoping it works out but honestly, with the low price point I won’t be TOO disappointed if it doesn’t, lol. I also purchased the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer. It has raving reviews so I’m excited for that one. Have you tried it out? It’s even cheaper than the Makeup Revoluations!

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    1. I’m not sure I can get my hands on the whole Catrice range in Europe. I think I have one of their mascaras (which is great) but that’s it.
      I don’t mind buying cheap concealers that don’t work, but my drawers are full of crap products that I need to sort lol


  2. I’m not the biggest fan of the concealer either. I think it’s over rated. I haven’t found it to be that drying but I feel like just doesn’t look great and doesn’t provide the coverage that I want. I also feel like I get a weird demarcation line between the MUR concealer and my foundation, which is just as much fun as it sounds

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