Colourpop eyeshadows (haul and review)

Three weeks ago, I placed my first Colourpop order on their official website. I saw that global shipping was free for orders over $50 so I went to town on the eyeshadows. I chose 9 singles (which cost $3 or $4 each) and 2 super shock shadows ($5 each) (pictures below). I also bought a large palette and got two mini palettes for free.


All in all, my order was $52 (that’s €44) and it took a couple of weeks to get to Belgium. I was delighted to find out that the overseas taxes on my US parcel were $39 (€33), which kind of defeats the purpose of buying cheap makeup.

The quality of the eyeshadows is really incredible considering the price point. The are extremely pigmented, blend easily and have a really good staying power.

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The Super Shock Shadows are absolutely mind-blowing. I’m not quite sure if they’re semi-pressed pigments or something, but it feels like dipping your fingers in butter.

The pigmentation and staying power are insane, as well. I can’t believe they cost $5.


This first purchase has definitely made me want to build a bigger Colourpop eyeshadow collection, especially the Super Shock ones. I’m not that drawn to the palettes, as I already have many.

There’s a very tempting offer on the website right now: buy one Super Shock Shadow, get one free. However, many of them are already out of stock and I can’t bear the thought of coughing up twice the price of my order because of taxes.

If you know where to get Colourpop products over here in Europe, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.



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