Pet Peeves

Hey, this post was inspired by my friend Nathalie (go check out her Instagram, she has more makeup than you can dream of).

Disclaimer: I’m a grumpy bitch.


  • people who whistle anywhere, anytime
  • people who post stuff on social media without even remotely checking their spelling
  • parents who let their kids scream in public
  • shop assistants who are too busy talking to their colleagues or on the phone and angrily glance at you if you stand there saying sorrythankssorrywouldyoulikemymoneypleasesorrytobotheryou
  • Muse
  • PR unboxings
  • people who are unforgivably and repeatedly late (in my universe, that’s more than 10 minutes)
  • people who sniff
  • people who discuss the food I’m eating while I’m eating it
  • people who stand in the middle of supermarket aisles, looking like they own the place
  • slow cashiers
  • people who talk to slow cashiers
  • apostrophes on regular plural’s or decades
  • colleagues who still don’t know the difference between “reply” and “reply all”
  • middle-aged women who talk in a baby voice to seem cute/funny (and they’re not even talking to a pet)
  • people who insist we go on walks for no reason
  • future parents who refuse to tell you the name of their future baby (we fucking know it’s Noah, get over yourselves)
  • public displays of affection
  • people who put up a bunch of frames and posters on their walls and none of them are straight
  • people who ask me if I have a real job beside teaching evening classes
  • my mum
  • students who ask me a question about something I’ve just written on the blackboard, as I’m standing just next to it.
  • people who publish racist, hateful, sexist, dead/tortured animal pictures (because “we have to make this stop”), and generally stupid political comments on Facebook
  • anyone who has a customer-oriented job and is insufferably impolite
  • telemarketers who put you on hold as soon as you pick up the phone (wtf are you even calling?!)
  • doctors, dentists, hairdressers, therapists, etc. who are sempiternally late for the appointments THEY GAVE YOU.
  • emails about a change in a company’s privacy policy (IDGAF)
  • drivers who brake like mad AND THEN use their turn signal
  • people who comment “GOALS.” under every Zoella video

*** public transport special***

  • people who casually keep their backpacks on when the place is obviously crowded
  • people who casually listen to music / watch videos on their phones without headphones (who are you? David Guetta?)
  • people who talk loudly on the phone
  • people who need a spare seat for their bag/backpack
  • people who get on the train without a ticket and pretend they don’t speak the language when the ticket inspector shows up
  • people.


I’d like to nominate a few people to do this tag because I can’t wait to see their pet peeves: In a messy world (HA HA!) BrutalHonestyBlogger, Ella Eris, Discovering Your Happiness, Forty, Flirty and Fabulous


  1. Reblogged this on TheoryOfLove and commented:
    Thank you for making me laugh, Kate. I don’t feel so alone, knowing I am not the only crazy out there who thinks this stuff; who thinks thoughts of imperfection and annoyance, and, in a way, in my annoyance/disagreeance, vulnerability and a sense of insecurity at/against other people in this world, outside of my own head and not on my same wavelength. Thank you for making me feel “normal” (take that as whatever normal means to you). #IamReal

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